Transforming Your Life From The Inside Out

Are you willing and ready to uncover your innate health & well-being and live your highest creative potential?

Somatic (body-based) Coaching

In our body we store all of our undigested feelings, experiences and trauma's. It is my mission to hold a safe, sacred and transformative space in which I guide you to become lovingly present to what wants to be seen within yourself, that what is calling for your attention in the Here and Now as it is ready to finally be fully seen, acknowledged, felt, loved and released. The more we let go and release, the more we become available to love, joy, health and the inner vision we hold for ourselves and our life. Session available onsite and online.

Trauma-sensitive Yoga & Mindfulness

I use the ancient practice of Yoga and the more modern practice of Mindfulness to help you increase your Presence and Awareness by becoming truly curious to what is occurring and being revealed within yourself to be seen, loved and understood. I help you cultivate a tender, curious and accepting openness and LOVE for WHAT IS. Once we can truly see and understand the Truth, transformation happens on its own accord. Sessions available onsite only (yoga) and online (mindfulness).

Health & Nutrition

In order to uncover your innate health & wellbeing we'll address ALL that is coming up on ALL levels in your life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All health AND disease begins in the mind and then the gut/liver/adrenals, and these aspects are our focus. Through my unique blend of functional medicine nutrition and transformative coaching, I am committed to empower you to understand and, therefore, reverse your symptoms of (chronic) “dis-ease” with intelligent nutrition, lifestyle, and mind-body-spirit medicine. Sessions available onsite and online.

My Blogs

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"All you want is on the other side of fear" - G. Addair