Functional Nutrition – A Body Mind Spirit Approach

If you’ve been in the world of nutrition for any length of time, you know that there are a LOT of specialty diets and programs out there.

There are people who swear by their paleo diet, or their vegan lifestyle, telling you that everything changed for them once they started this new regime.

By the same token, there are practitioners who subscribe to ONE diet or ONE protocol, and have tremendous success with a lot of people.

These boxed systems, or set protocols, as I call them, DO help people. Approximately 80% of the population could be helped by these standardized solutions. 80% of people can get on that healthy train, start drinking a packaged shake or smoothie, do a video workout, and feel better.

But then there’s that other 20%.

A full 20% of the millions of people who are chronically ill right now CAN’T use the boxed systems or set protocols.

They just don’t work.

This is where Functional Nutrition with a body mind spirit approach comes in.

I was personally part of the 20% a long time ago. I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME that went haywire with traditional care, and was exacerbated by what I thought was the “perfect diet” and naturopathic approaches.

After years and years of struggle, trial and error I finally found what worked for me to heal. Thanks to functional and highly individualised nutrition and a profoundly transformative body mind spirit approach I uncovered my innate wholeness.

This is what I want for you too!

In order to uncover your innate health & wellbeing we’ll address ALL that is coming up on ALL levels in your life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

All health AND disease begins in the mind and then the gut/liver/adrenals, and these aspects are our focus.

Detoxification, hormone balance, as well as thyroid and adrenal function go hand in hand with emotional and digestive health, and I will help you investigate and address all of this.

I use a unique combination of my training in transformative coaching, trauma-sensitive mindfulness, yoga and functional nutrition to help you heal yourself.  

In collaboration with you as my client I will help and guide you on your journey to heal a variety of every day and chronic health conditions.

Each treatment plan is different and highly individualized.

If you suffer from one or more conditions; you are ready to address the emotional-spiritual and physical root causes; and you value the following, it is very likely that you and I will be a great fit to work together:

  • Spirituality & Consciousness
  • Healing on All Levels
  • Creativity
  • Personal Growth & Expansion
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Mind-Body Medicine
  • Interpersonal Connection
  • Connection to Nature and All of Life

I love to work with people who are highly committed to being the conscious creator of their own experience, and who are willing to make big changes, have their blind spots mirrored and questioned, and invest in themselves, in order to get big results.

Your healing journey is an opportunity to grow, develop, and unfold into the limitless being that you already ARE, but haven’t yet discovered how to fully access and consciously ALLOW. If you are willing to explore the uncharted dimensions of your experience, you will experience deeper healing, and I am honoured to hold transformative space for you.

When working with me you can expect deep listening and willingness to spend time with and on you.

All of my packages include support between sessions, via email, text, and/or Facebook Messenger.

f you’re excited to work with me, meaning that, you know that what YOU need to heal is a body-mind-spirit approach, and you’re ready to face ALL aspects of your healing,  APPLY HERE for a 60–90 min FREE Clarity Call, where we can sit down and get clear about what you want to create in your life and health, your willingness to do your Inner and outer Work.

If you are simply curious and wanting to gather information as you decide on the practitioner who is right for you, please schedule a 30 min FREE Introductory Chat.