Creative Productivity And What Kills It!

By Joshua Elijah Benavides:

People rarely notice just how much of their energy is being zapped, every single day, by this one, often overlooked, habit. This dynamic can happen in such a stealthy manner that we often don’t even notice it’s happening.

I know, because it’s happened to me sooooo many times.

What is this insidious, hidden source of exhaustion that zaps your creativity, mood, and flow?



Judging yourself, others, and life. Judging and comparing. Judging and evaluating. Judging – good, bad, like, dislike. Judging – should, shouldn’t, enough, not enough.


A swarm of judgmental thoughts can invade our consciousness in seconds.

And when you latch on to any of them, you drain your own energy because:

– it’s not productive
– it’s not creative
– it keeps you spinning in place.


This “spinning in place” happens when we identify with a thought that we simultaneously resist.

We think a thought.
Then, within seconds, we judge it and feel we shouldn’t think such thoughts.
Then, we resist it, thinking that by doing so it might make it go away.
But it doesn’t.  In fact, it just grows and grows  and grows for as long as you’re resisting it.


Resistance takes energy.  (Read that again a couple times just to let that sink in).

When we’re resisting our own thoughts, we have our foot firmly on the brakes while simultaneously trying to move forward. This creates that all-too-common experience of feeling stuck. Now, I want to point out that the resistance came AFTER we judged the thought, not before. And yes, that judgement tends to happen in a split second!

But here’s what’s important to explore:


Without the initial judgement of the thought as good or bad, wanted or unwanted etc, what would there be to resist?

If you didn’t cling to any position or opinion about your experience, what would happen?

What if, instead of judging what arises within you, you welcomed it in?

What if, instead of continuing the resistance while trying to think your way back to a more positive state of mind, you met whatever was arising within you with curiosity and wonder?

Something as simple as: “Wow…look at what’s arising within me now. I wonder what happens if I don’t hold on to it or try to get rid of it, if I just welcome it and let it move through me?”




And then, just be with that experience. Here’s what I’m sure you’ll find (because I have found it every time as well as all my clients)… Whatever that thought was… It passes through you like clouds.

The clouds of your thinking continue to float along because you didn’t stop to unpack, analyze, process, judge, etc.

You simply let it flow through you. And lo and behold, as they pass, the warm rays of the Sun (your Essence) come streaming in.

Suddenly, you feel lit again.  Suddenly, you’re in flow, turned on, tuned in and available to whatever is wanting to move through you in that moment. Don’t take my word for it. Try it out next time you’re sitting in front of your computer feeling sorry for yourself and your life, wallowing in judgement without even realizing that this is what you’re doing.

Of course, you’ve got to wake up to it first. You’ve got to wake up to the fact that your feelings are an alarm system, signaling you to notice that you’re believing and identifying with thoughts that are actually out of alignment with your True, Limitless and Divine Nature.

So first, catch yourself in the act. Then, try this out.  Welcome it.  Let it flow.

And watch as an inexhaustible, creative and productive energy wells up within you!

Sending love and many blessings!



Luna Joy
Transformative Life Coach | Functoinal Nutritionist (in training) | Yoga Teacher | (trauma-sensitive) Mindfulness Facilitator


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  1. Andrew

    As you say, the secret is waking up to the fact that we are judging ourselves. Then, we need to understand that we are not our thoughts, that they are mostly just repetitive ideas traversing our mind space. When we know this, we can change our thoughts from ones that cause us stress and disease to ones that will actually support our overall wellbeing and that encourage our creative energies flow.
    It’s surprising how easy it is to do this, but what is more surprising is how few people actually understand these simple principles.
    many thanks for sharing.

    1. Luna Joy

      Absolutely Andrew, recognising our judgements and thoughts is key! I agree with you, it is possible to consciously change and manipulate your thoughts but here’s the thing: why would we want to do that when we know that thoughts are transient and illusory by nature? Positive or negative thoughts, they come and they go and we can welcome them all and allow them to traverse our mind space WITHOUT INTERFERING AT ALL! Of course, often times we subconsciously buy into a certain thought or belief and believe them to be the truth about ourselves and about life (and often we have been doing this for many, many years, they can be deep seated), so when we are caught up in a thought we know there is work to be done. It’s time to slow down and do some Inner work: inquiry into the thought/feeling, allowing insights / images /memories / all feelings to rise to the surface so we can See, Understand, Love, Forgive and Release. Let go and Let God. It is an ongoing invitation and process. All it needs is our Presence and Awareness. Enjoy the journey. Thank you for stopping by again Andrew! Blessings, Luna

  2. Torgny Aukland

    Great article, very important to think about, keep the bad vibes away and in with the positive ones! 🙂

    Dearest regards, Torgny.

    1. Luna Joy

      Try to even welcome in the bad vibes Torgny, they may have some valuable information. The Lotus grows from the mud. The more we suppress / avoid or try to get rid of the ‘bad stuff’, the more it will start to speak through our bodies in the form of ailments and dis-ease. Positive and negative are equally welcome when we have stopped identifying with either. Thoughts are just thoughts, they pass through if you let them, no need to manipulate, change, fix, avoid, improve, get rid of them. Everything is welcome in the space of our Awareness and warm Presence where we can truly start to See and Understand, Love, Forgive and Release. This is where we truly heal and become more available to and aligned with the Source. Create a lovely day and thank you for stopping by, appreciate!

  3. marisa

    Hi Luna, The best I find helpful when I feel stuck is to divert to something else and then come back to it. Thank you for the lovely article.

    1. Luna Joy

      Hi Marisa, yes I sometimes find that helps too! Taking my mind of something and trusting that something far greater and more intelligent than my own limited mind and ‘trying to figure it out’ modus will show and lead the way. As long as we stay present and aware to what is showing up in the process. Sometimes long and deeply held judgements, beliefs or undigested feelings reveal themselves, ready to be seen, met, loved, forgiven and released. This is a moment to moment unfolding. So much to discover and uncover when we are Present and Aware. Enjoy the inner journey, love & blessings Luna


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