The Three Principles, The Psychological Trinity

“All we are is peace, love, and wisdom, and the power to create the illusion that we are not.” – Jack Pransky

Would you like to experience clarity, peace and freedom, even in the midst of challenging circumstances?

Understanding the three principles by Sydney Banks allows us to tap into the deeper intelligence behind life, access our natural wisdom and guidance, and unleash our limitless creative power.

Understanding the three principles helps us to live with less stress, greater ease and a sense of connection to the larger unfolding of life, which makes us feel more happy naturally and automatically as a result.

The Three Principles are the basic building blocks of life, and it is through these three components that all psychological mysteries are unfolded.

In this short article I’m giving you a summary of what the Three Principles are all about. If you want to dive deeper, I highly recommend you reading The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill or The Enlightened Gardener by Sydney Banks


What are The Three Principles?

The Three Principle were revealed and first introduced by the late Sydney Banks in the 1970s, as a way of understanding human nature and the human experience. He was a Scottish welder, living in Salt Springs in Canada who went on to become a well-known and respected philosopher and author after he had an experience of spiritual enlightenment.



After this profound experience he had an insight into the true nature of human beings and the process of how we experience life. His experience revealed a deeper truth about how life works and about who we are in essence.

When Syd Banks began talking about his insights into the human experience, he articulated their essence in the form of three universal principles, which he called:

1 Universal Mind  2 Consciousness  3 Thought

While those words mean different things to different people, the principles they point to have been observed and studied in science, philosophy, and religion throughout the ages. We can see them as the basic facts of life – formless, foundational elements which can be observed only through their effects:





1 The Principle of Universal Mind

This first principle (although they don’t have a particular order) is the source and intelligence behind all life. This intelligent energy is ever present but is not ‘in control’ – it has no inherent morality or apparent point of view.

It is the natural force that makes sure our nails and hair grow, that an acorn grows into an oak tree, that our cuts and bruises heal, and that life begets life.

This energy is the source of our thinking, of creation and of every single living thing. It is the very essence of existence. It’s where our thought and consciousness stem from.

Universal Mind may be called God in religion, the Great Spirit in the world of a shaman, The Source in spiritual circles, Divine Intelligence, the Quantum Field, the Ground of Being, it doesn’t matter. It refers to that which is larger than ourselves.

It goes beyond religion, science and anything we can imagine. Universal Mind powers everything, our thinking, our body processes, the moon, stars and sun etc.

It is the innate intelligence of our entire world, our universe and ourselves and it is the greatest yet most underused and undervalued asset we have.

Universal Mind is constant and ever present. In contrary to our personal ‘little mind’, which is constantly changing and busy. Universal Mind ensures that life continues, it’s the force that makes sure there’s a sun rise and sun set every single day.

It’s the Universal Mind that has the power to guide us through our life. It is the space of infinite possibility and pure potential, beyond time, space, matter and all limitations.

Universal Mind is the source of love and wisdom and it is the very essence of who we are.

As we manage to slow down the busy chatter of our personal mind, we start to feel connected with a deeper knowing and the deeper feelings of love that come from Universal Mind.

The famous line ‘May the force be with you’ from Star Wars can be understood in this light.



This can be hard to grasp with the existing limits of our personal thinking, also called the ego thinking or our little mind.

And words will never suffice to describe it. This is the mystery. We can use our finger to point at the moon. The finger represents our limited words to describe something so profound and true. If we keep looking at only finger we will never see the moon.

Deeper feelings about who we really are coming from this vast space. Feelings of Love, Peace, Wisdom, Joy, Kindness, Health, Well-being. This is innately present in all of us. Always. it can never leave us. It is our True Nature.






2 The Principle of Consciousness

This is our capacity to be aware and experience our existence, life itself.

Other words for consciousness are awareness, being ness, the silent witness or soul.

It is that which allows us to be aware of life and it is that which everything appears to. Our experiences are like the images of a movie appearing on the film screen. The film screen is our consciousness, it brings the images to life and it is always the same as where the images of the movie keep changing.

It is our consciousness, our awareness that brings our thinking to life. Without the gift of consciousness we wouldn’t be able to be aware and make sense of our thinking. It functions like an interpreter of all the experiences we are having.

If it wasn’t for consciousness, the endless stream of thoughts that pass through our minds day in day out, would just pass by unnoticed, like a train passing by a station without any people getting on board.

We can be in high states of consciousness or a high state of mind or call it a high mood. In this state we naturally have positive thoughts passing through the mind. We feel good!
We also can be in a low state of consciousness or a low state of mind or call it a low mood. In this state we naturally have negative thoughts passing through the mind. We feel not so good.

The only real thing here is our consciousness, not our thoughts! Our thoughts are just thoughts. Consciousness brings our thinking to live and we feel real feelings as a result. However, thoughts are just thoughts, and not a reality in itself.

Consciousness is the impersonal, changeless, still, silent space within. It is the space where all thoughts arise and subside, come and go.






3 The Principle of Thought


Thought is our ability to think. It is not WHAT we think, but THAT we think, which again, is impersonal.

Thought is the formless creative energy out of which we construct the full range of the human experience: mental images, concepts, meanings, ideas, perceptions, duality, problems, solutions, beliefs, opinions, judgments, language, etc.

Thanks to our thoughts we can feel. What does that mean? It means that every single feeling or emotion we experience comes via a thought we had. We think something, which in turn makes us feel something. Thought and feeling are two sides of the same coin. Thought always comes first, no exception.

And this is where it becomes mind blowing because this means that our experience of life always comes from within, from our own thinking. Always. no exception.

Take a moment to truly take this in.

Understanding this puts our world upside down because have we not learned that something happens out there in the world and we believe we feel something in response. And now it turns out to be the other way around. Rather than experiencing something from the outside in, we experience from the inside out. The direction of this process is key!




A Brief History Lesson

William James (1842-1910) was the founder of American Psychology. In 1890, in ‘The Principles of Psychology’, he expressed the need for foundational, causal principles/laws in psychology that represented true human nature.

He knew they existed, but hadn’t discovered them yet. He predicted that:

“Such knowledge, realised on a large scale, would be an achievement compared with which the control of the rest of physical nature would be relatively insignificant.”

Sydney Banks did uncover those fundamental principles thanks to his profound experience of enlightenment.

Modern spiritual teachers who are still alive and revealing the exact same principles in their teachings are Eckhart Tolle, Mooij, Jeff Foster. With their profound teachings they all point us to the same:


The Three Principles, The Psychological Trinity

Together, the Principles of Universal Mind, Consciousness and Thought are the formless, fundamental forces that are creating our present moment experience, from moment to moment.



Recognising this, via insight, reveals that we’re always living in the feeling of our ‘right now’ thinking.

ALL experience is THOUGHT coming into form in the moment, brought to life by CONSCIOUSNESS, and all made possible by UNIVERSAL MIND.

I’m alive (Universal Mind) + I’m aware (Consciousness) + I think (Thought) = Reality. Take away one to those 3 principles and the entire fabric of life falls apart.

I will finish with the beautiful quote I started with:

“All we are is peace, love, and wisdom, and the power to create the illusion that we are not.” – Jack Pransky

In other words, it is the Power of Thought that can create the illusion that we are something other than peace, love and wisdom.

This revulotionary insight can be the beginning of transformation of our lives:

“To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the Stillness underneath the mental noise, the Love and Joy underneath the pain, is Freedom, Salvation, Enlightenment” – Eckhart Tolle



If you have any questions or would like to share something, I would love to hear, please leave your comment below.


Love & Blessings,


Luna Joy

Founder of Young Yogis® Academy | Creator of Yogadance® Kids Method | (Kids) Yoga Instructor | Biodanza/Vitaldanza Facilitator | Waldorf Primary School Teacher | Teacher Trainer | Well-being Educator | Transformative / Three Principles Coach (in training) | Cat and Ice cream lover | Dutch | Traveling House sitter | Wife and Mother








  1. Rob

    Hi Luna, I found your article very interesting. I think more people should be happier in their lives. The universal mind seems to be ever existing and controls everything. I agree that it does have the power to get us through life.
    It makes sense that a high consciousness keeps us in a good mood and a low consciousness brings us down low.
    And of course thought and feeling does go hand in hand. It’s all about the mind and the body, feeling, and then doing. These three principles are the basis for happiness. Do you feel we are all capable of these principles?

    1. Luna Joy

      Thank you for your sharing your thoughts Rob. Regarding your question whether everyone is capable of this,…the thing with those principles is that they are at play in every moment of our lives, whether you aware of it or not, whether you understand them or not. They are the physics on how life works and of the nature of our human experience. They are laws of nature, like gravity. Once we start understanding and seeing this for ourselves, once we realise where our experience, or felt experiences, come from, we start seeing life and ourselves differently. We start living from the inside out, from our own in-sights into those principles, which will cause a transformation within. Understanding the principles with only our intellect is one, feeling the profound truth of them and seeing how they are at play in our lives, is another.

      Take water for example. We can talk about water. But talking about water will never be the same as actually drinking that water and feeling how it is quenching our thirst.

      I hope that makes ‘sense’… Thank for stopping by again!

  2. Tim

    Hi Luna,

    Thank you for introducing me to Sydney Banks and for the invaluable Three Principles.

    I remember reading somewhere that both Einstein and DaVinci received many of their most important ideas through a “sudden epiphany”. I believe these super-brains were able to tap into the Universal Mind. Makes you wonder- what is possible in this world. Is this related to the Akashic records?

    As always, thank you for the positive energy and the empowering recommendations.

    1. Luna Joy

      You are so welcome Tim. I’m so glad you are finding value in the three principles. And yes, true inspiration comes from Universal Mind as opposed to from our personal thinking. Great artists somehow have a knack of not being in their own way. They very likely don’t have a lot of thinking going on when they are creating their art, so they are super connected to Universal Mind, or all it God, Spirit, Akasha Record, the Divine or Universe, it doesn’t matter, it is all referring to the same. Was it not Einstein himself who said: “I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.”
      Thanks for stopping by Tim!

  3. Charlene Muir

    Hi Luna,
    I found your article to be very insightful. Indeed the power of though is so powerful that if left unchecked can either be bad or good depending on the circumstances. It is also that appreciation of being alive and grateful for it that keeps us course to live purposefully. Thank you for sharing

    1. Luna Joy

      You’re welcome Charlene, I’m glad you resonate with it. And yes, I agree with you saying that an attitude of gratitude can do wonders! Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Patsy

    Hi Luna,

    I can totally resonate with your article, having lived it all my life. I didn’t ‘get it’ all at first but when I realized how it worked it amazed me. It all made sense after, and I had read several books on it and am currently reading one now. It talks about the Principles as well.

    Meditation for me wasn’t easy, I had too much going on in my head to focus, but it’s great now. The laws of Attention and Nature and powerful transformations within us is magical. I had many negative experiences over my life and I didn’t realize how they affected my subconscious. They held me back for years, blocking my true path to fulfilling my Destiny.

    I enjoyed reading this, it’s so familiar to me it’s awesome.



  5. Luna Joy

    Hi Patsy, thank you so much for sharing a little of your personal journey. I am so happy you bumped into the Three Principles and how they have transformed your life. Once we See and Understand how they underpin our experience of life it changes the game completely. It is making a 360 from living life from the outside-in misunderstanding to a life lived from the inside-out understanding. Wonderful! Thank you for stopping by and wishing you beautiful unfoldings on your magical journey.


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